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Suriname, set in a natural tropical wilderness, is a splendid combination of the Caribbean and South America, with fascinating reminders of a sometimes turbulent past.

In the northeast of the South American continent, bounded by Guyana on the west and French Guiana on the east and Brazil to the south.

Influenced by numerous cultures African, Amerindian, Asian, Jewish and Dutch the country reflects this diversity harmoniously in its day to day life.

Dominated by mighty rivers which provide essential highways into the rainforest and jungles of the interior, which remain virtually untouched by man, Suriname is waiting to be explored. There is little tourism infrastructure in Suriname except for a few well organized tour operators.

The bustling capital and port of Paramaribo, stands guard over the Suriname River. The striking architecture reminds us of its Dutch colonial past.

Setting out to explore the natural beauty of the interior by boat or light aircraft, you encounter the extraordinary natural heritage of Suriname spreading out like a tropical carpet.

Spot the occasional wild cat roaming in the rainforest and hear the unearthly cry of howler monkeys echoing through the trees, see giant tarantula spider webs and huge termite nests. For the more adventurous head to the swamps where crocodiles, piranhas, anacondas and boa constrictors go about their business.


Another don't miss for nature lovers is the Galibi Nature Reserve where you can experience four sea turtle species nesting on its beaches between February and July.

The Brownsberg Nature Park is located in the Brokopondo District approximately 80 miles south of Paramaribo. The Brownsberg National Park is the northern outpost for several plant and animal species. Covered by geotropically rainforest consisting of hundreds of different species most of which are commercially valuable. The park has three major Vegetation types. The hydrophytes vegetation grows in creek valleys at the base of the mountain. The vegetation is found on the slopes and is characterized by the number of different tree species including the Groenheart, Ingipipa, Cedar and Purpleheart.

The Galibi Nature Reserve is situated in the North East Corner of Suriname, at the Mouth of the Marowijne River bordering French Guyana. 4000 hectares in size, 13 km long and 1 km wide the reserve is know for being the most important nesting beach for the oliver riley turtle in the western Atlantic region. The reserve was established in March 1969 to protect the nesting beaches of sea turtles. It is the only beach where mass nesting aggregations of the olive riley are known to have occurred in the Atlantic region.

The Galibi Reserve and nearby Amerindian villages are only accessible by boat, about 1 hour from Albino. The local villagers are allowed to use the reserve for fishing, hunting, plant collecting and small scale agricultural activities.

This is a bustling city laying on banks the Suriname River. Fabulous colonial buildings including the Presidential Palace remind visitors of its Dutch heritage. Behind the Palace is the Placentia.

Also visit St.Peter and Paul Cathedral, which is reputed to be the largest wooden building in the Americas.

Some of South Americas finest examples of Hindu temples, mosques and synagogues can also be found in the city.

Finally, the central market with its array of local fruits and vegetables is a must see.

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