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Uruguay may be pint sized, but its certainly big hearted when it comes to attractions. It contains one of South Americas most interesting capitals, charming colonial towns, the hilly interior and a cluster of internationally renowned beach resorts.

Although there is pronounced seasonal change during the year, the winter months from June to August are fairly mild, with average temperatures ranging between 6 and 15. Summer is comparatively cool at this latitude, with average highs peaking around a pleasantly warm 28. Add to that the abundant sunshine and this is a great time to visit. Rainfall is fairly evenly distributed over the year and tends to fall quite moderately in just a few days.

The majority of Uruguayan restaurants are grill rooms. Table service is usual in restaurants. Cafes or bars have either table and or counter service.

National drinks include wines of good quality, beers and local spirits.

Theatre, ballet and symphonic concerts are staged in Montevideo from March to January. Tango is nearly as popular as in Argentina. There are discos in the Carrasco area. There are several dinner dance places in Montevideo. Large Montevideo hotels have good bars. When there is music for dancing, the price of drinks increases quite considerably. There are also several casinos.


Special purchases include suede jackets, amethyst jewellery and paintings. The Tristan Narvaja Market is famous for its antiques and there are many antique shops in the Old Town.

Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, has a surprising cultural diversity for such a small population, and is a picturesque blend of colonial Spanish, Italian and Art Deco styles. Many Argentines come here to relax during their summer break and bask on the white sandy beaches.

There are numerous first class hotels in Montevideo and along Uruguay's coastal resorts, where rates are usually a little higher. It is essential to book during the summer and during carnival week in Montevideo. There are several lower-priced hotels in the city for more basic accommodation.

Mercado del Puerto is a wrought iron superstructure sheltering a gaggle of restaurants. Saturday lunchtime is a fun time to come this is when the market is crammed with locals and musicians livening up the area.

More of an historical attraction than a natural one, this coastal park contains the hilltop Fortaleza de Santa Teresa, begun by the Portuguese but captured and finished by the Spaniards. Santa Teresa is a humble place, but visitors enjoy its uncrowned beaches. The park gets crammed during Carnival, but otherwise absorbs visitors without much difficulty.

The Museo Didactico Artiguista in Maldonado was set up in honour of Uruguay's independence hero. Artigas was a very busy guy check out the maps of his battle campaigns, and don't miss the room with the bronze busts of the Liberators of the Americas.

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