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Flaunting the third-longest river, South America's largest lake, the highest waterfall in the world and longest snake in the world, Venezuela is a spectacular land. With the Amazonian jungle, to its south, Peaks of Andes to its west and exotic Gran Sabana plateau to its east and white sandy beaches on the Caribbean coast, Venezuela is resplendent with bountiful nature. With all these assets, Venezuela becomes a great tourist spot to spend those fun filled vacations.

A major attraction in Venezuela is a group of 300 sandy islands called Los Roques. The islands and islets are located in the aquamarine waters, to the northern part of Caracas. The tourists, who wish to pursue water sports, can engage in diving and snorkelling. In 1972, the entire archipelago was declared as a national park. The waters that surround the archipelago are rich in marine life like lobsters and the majority of the islands are uninhabited.

Another famous spot is the Guacharo Cave, which is Venezuela's longest cave system. The inhabitants of the 10.2 km cave are the guacharo or oil bird. The bird lives in complete darkness and searches for food, during the night. During the months of August to December, a large number of Guacharos come to the cave that is filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

Delta del Orinoco is a nature lover's paradise with islands, channels, mangroves and swamps. it is one of the world's greatest river deltas and captivating regions. Howler monkeys, Piranhas and parrots make the delta more attractive. The River splits into 40 channels and flows along the Atlantic coast. The inhabitants of the delta are the Warao Indians or the Canoe people.


The Parque Nacional Henri Pitter is the most diverse and oldest of the national parks, in Venezuela. The park has a long coastline, a variety of bird species, suitable for bird-watchers, a few paths that can be traversed by the hikers and colonial towns and the park resonates with the African drum beats. The park was established in the year 1937 and named after the Swiss Botanist Henri Pittier. The park's highlights are the variety of bird species that amount to about 600. The animals housed in the park include deer, tapirs, pumas, peccaries, ocelots, armadillos, snakes, and bats. The park is home to colonial towns like Puerto Colombia.

The world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls is Venezuela's much sought after tourist attraction. It is 979 metres high and is sixteen times higher than Niagara Falls. The cascade gushes and falls into the Devila canyon. The falls is named after Jimmie Angel, an American Bush pilot. Only when travelling by boat can you get close to the Waterfalls.

Venezuela offers tourists of all types something to cherish. It can be a haven for trekkers, hikers, water sports lovers, beach lovers and nature. The hikers can explore the mountainous regions of the flat-topped sandstone mountains, Roraima. The adventurous can climb the mountain and rock formations and satisfy their daring side. For the beach lovers, the long stretches of sandy beaches will suffice and for the nature lovers, the bountiful nature of Venezuela with rivers, waterfalls and exotic natural settings make Venezuela a great place to visit and enjoy.

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